HLN stands for


We are Humble.

  • Being humble means our best is yet to be.
  • Being humble also means we are helpful and honest to our stakeholders and fellow colleagues in our day-to-day activities.


We Love our jobs.

  • Being loving means we are passionate about our work.
  • Being loving also means we undertake to complete our tasks above
    and beyond expectations.


We have Nice people working for you.

  • Being nice means we are patient and enduring during adverse circumstances.
  • Being nice also means we have the perseverance to overcome challenges and solve your problems.

Therefore, being Humble, Loving and Nice, you can trust HLN to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In “HLN”, we trust and believe you will be satisfied!

HLN envisions to be a GLOBAL LEADER by providing a premium suite of solutions for elastomeric components.

HLN accomplishes the vision by providing QUALITY products, COMPETITIVE pricing, ON-TIME delivery, RESPONSIVE service and PROFESSIONAL engineering support through CONTINUOUS INVESTMENT in human resource, technology and ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT in customers' product development.

We aim to be a corporate SOCIAL-RESPONSIBLE citizen by REDUCING, RECYCLING and RE-USING relevant resources in order to be accountable to the environment.

We aim to be a PEOPLE DEVELOPER by inculcating a sense of affiliation and belonging amongst the management and workers.

We value PEOPLE AS ASSETS and will continuously provide an environment of personal learning and upgrading.



HLN Rubber Products Pte Ltd


HLN Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd



PT HLN Batam


The FRUITAGE of HLN Corporate Values


If you think you can, you CAN

Love your work, Feel your job

Punctual at work, Punctual in DELIVERY

Not what the company can do for you but what WE can do for the company

Advantage to the first-mover, be the FIRST to move

The TRUNK of HLN Corporate Values






  Happiness at Work, Happiness at Home   Helpful to Peers, Helpful to Customers   Honesty at all levels, Honesty is the key to Success

The ROOTS of HLN Corporate Values


Being Humble means our best is yet to be

Being Humble also means we will admit mistakes and be willing to learn our mistakes and not to repeat them


Being Loving means we are passionate about our work

Being Loving also means we undertake to complete our tasks above and beyond expectations

We are NICE

Being Nice means we are patient and enduring during adverse circumstances

Being Nice also means we have the perseverance to overcome challenges and solve problems

Management Philosophy

The critical success factors fundamental to the milestones of our organization are attributed to a cocktail of management beliefs, attitudes and practices. We augment our fundamentals on the thresholds of 10 "Cs"depicted as follows:

The 10 "Cs" management philosophies represent a synopsis of our growth strategies. We will not rest on our own laurels and shall continuously stride towards the silhouette of success.

Quality Policy

HLN Rubber Products is committed to consistently meet and exceed customer’s expectations. We aim to provide high level of rubber products and services quality by:-
  • Close cooperation with customers to fully understand and commit to comply the requirements, incorporate those requirements into our product process-development, so as to achieve doing things right at the first time.

  • Encourage teamwork, employees’ involvement and participation in pursuing the organization’s objectives.

  • Encourage open and effective communication within the organisation, as well as entire supply chain.

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
Quality Accreditation

  HRI, PTH ISO 9001:2008
  PTH ISO 14001:2004
  HRI:   HLN Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd
  PTH:   PT HLN Batam

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

One Stop Solution Provider
  • Wide range of elastomeric materials and products
  • Premium suite of elastomeric services
In-house Material Formulation, Master-batching and Compounding Capabilities
  • Able to develop material according to international testing standards
In-house Mold Design & Fabrication
  • Short time to market prototype fabrication
Strategic Geographical Diversification
  • Presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, China & Singapore